Zeex (ZIX) token ICO has the receipt for success I give Zeex a five star buy

Zeex (ZIX) token ICO has the receipt for success I give Zeex a five star buy

April 28th, 2018

Zeex is addressing one of crypto’s biggest challenge,buying products and services. Through their sister Zeek, they claim to  have relationships with 350+ global brands and offer a seamless exchange of crypto to virtual gift cards, enabling shopping with crypto. How does this work?

The Zeex Protocol allows users to spend their cryptocurrency directly on goods and services without fiat and without fees using virtual gift cards. They’re different from most ICOs because they have backing from an established company (Zeek) and will have a working platform almost immediately after the ICO ends.  Almost 50% of ICO’s launched in 2017 already failed because they’re not really doing much except raising money.  Zeex is making payments possible without fiat and without fees, and that’s a real value to provide to the community.

Users can simply deposit crypto tokens such as Bitcoin and Ether on the Zeex app which are then converted into gift cards of their choosing. Corporate currencies allow users to buy directly from businesses without the need for fiat or credit cards. Zeex already has access to 350 brands through its sister company Zeek including top names like Amazon, PlayStation, Footlocker, and Starbucks.

The ZIX token performs several functions on the platform. It grants holders access to Zeex, eliminating the need for users to provide personally identifiable information to use the exchange. It also functions as a damage deposit to cover buyer and seller risks until transactions are fulfilled. Ultimately, ZIX can be exchanged for gift cards.

Zeex also makes available discounted gift cards on the platform. ZIX holders can put down their tokens as collateral to be given priority to these discounted assets.

It’s something I as a user could be really excited to use, and that tells me all I need to know, remember the rule, does it solve a problem? does it make something easier? this one seems to do both.  That and the team and the technology behind the protocol make Zeex a great ICO investment in my opinion.