Is Russia becoming more stable for investors?

Is Russia becoming more stable for investors?

May 18th, 2018

Kapex is an independent exchange, which offers investors access to trade in exotic instruments and derivative assets. By doing so, it will enable full market participation and potential superior returns.

One of the features of this project is favorable market conditions and increased customer demand. This will enable investors to take advantage of the available opportunity. They also have innovative trad-able assets such as crypto assets, exotic financial instruments, commodity assets, tokens buyback obligation, detailed financial analysis, and low levels of completion.

About Kapex Goals

Kapex has a goal of offering market access to facilitate trade in a new class of assets. They also want to expand the investment opportunities that market professionals and individuals can access. Besides that, they want to provide a long-term ability to generate cash. Another goal they have is creating opportunities that allow they further development of the exchange. Lastly, they wish to re-invest in strengthening their positions in various areas, including expanding the trad-able assets list.

The Current Market

The risk-free and quasi-risk free assets, which had previously had a high yield in Russia, are becoming less attractive. This was confirmed by a decrease in deposits’ interest rates. This was because of a reduction in profitability of the real estate sector and lower yields from investment insurance.

If this trend keeps up, it is expected that investors will start to search for alternative investment options. The growth in activity to find new financial instruments will take place in the domestic market.

Another issue in Russia is the legal barriers to entry in the international market for Russian investors. There is also a growing uncertainty in international markets amid a tightening of monetary policy by key regulators.


Other issues that investors in Russia face are the high level of weighting in the foreign markets. Additionally, there are transactional and currency risks. This means that the Russian financial market will experience a growing demand for a new class of financial instruments. The main requirement of those instruments would be the requirement that investors get higher returns at a certain level of risk.

The Trend Is Growing In Russia

The reduction of the attractiveness in the traditional financial assets is occurring on the background of investment in financial instruments by Russian investors. According to a report on the year 2017, the volume placement of money in the Russian stock exchange was 1.16 trillion rubles.

The data also showed that active broker accounts received about 700 billion rubles. This shows that Russian investors are gaining confidence in the stability of the economy, enabling them to direct saving to risky assets. The appetite for profitability and risk has thus increased. About 61% of the owners of individual investment accounts project profitability levels of more than 10% per year. The change in the asset class is going to play an important role in the growth of real income for the population.

ICO Details

  • Token Name: Kapex
  • Symbol: KPX
  • Currency Accept: ETH/USD
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Date: August 1 –August 30, 2018
  • Price: 1 KPX= 0.62 USD
  • Hard cap: 5,000,000 USD