Larecoin in my opinion is the next hot ICO, and you can still get in on the presale. STRONG BUY

Larecoin in my opinion is the next hot ICO, and you can still get in on the presale. STRONG BUY

March 13th, 2018

Here are some bullet points about Larecoin that just might make this one a winner, and you still have the opportunity to get in on it before it takes off.

Upgrade-able ERC20 token to be accepted by 10,000’s of universities and local businesses globally.

This is the first technology connecting universities, students and businesses and their data on a transparent block chain.

Giving students direct access and capability to apply to 1,000’s of scholarship programs with a click of a button.

Providing universities with statistics, predictive analytics, behavioral data, artificial intelligence, tools and resources to compare with other universities for the benefit of increasing academics and overall operations.

Working in collaboration with Enterra Solutions, one of the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology companies in the world with a direct partnership with Princeton University.

Endorsements and thousands of interests from deans, professors, alumni, students as well as accredited university sponsorship’s (Medgar Evers, Plattsburgh, Manhattan University, St. Frances, Brooklyn College and others)

Individuals and investors can use Larecoin to organize, manage and build their wealth from the day they enter the world of higher education.

Larecoin will be traded on several exchanges by or before May 2019 and when it becomes trade able it will also become mine-able but limited.

They have a direct deal rolling out with coinpayments and Larecoin will be accepted and exchangeable on coinpayments, their entire client base and community.

The idea is to be an all in one solution for people to gain full control of their education and finances as well as gain access to data and integrated resources to better their lifestyles.

Businesses can accept Larecoin as a payment for goods or services and exchange their LARE for FIAT or other CRYPTO.

They expect to have our LareVIA platform in beta by or before August 2018 and begin formalizing partnerships with Universities in September – November 2018.

Interests from various governments have been expressed (Thailand, Guiana, Jamaica, Germany, Dubai, Japan, Netherlands)

They have a team of very powerful members on their advisory board.

Expressed interests from and in talks with very large mining farms including the largest bitcoin mining and cloud mining company in the world (if they were to decide to make LARE mine able)

Take a look at their website: