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I am Anonymous. I have been involved in the crypto space since the beginning. I will give you an unbiased professional opinion that cuts through all the bull and hype. I will review new and existing coins and tokens on this site, give you opinions on coins that are about to go up or down and how much as well as post articles you may have seen and give my opinion on what you should believe or not believe. I have given opinions that get some ICO people upset and please others. My opinion about any coin and its future of ICO is my opinion, you can choose to listen and follow it or not. I will review sites to buy and store coins on as well as hard wallets. I personal started using a Ledger Nano S in 2018 but there are lots of other good and bad choices out there I will review. There is a lot of money being made, some of it by investing in coins that will be around for years to come and have not even started to rise to their true value and others that are pump and dump coins that money can be made on, but you need to have an exit plan. Then there are those coins in my opinion that are just junk and you will never see your money back out of them, this makes up 70 percent of them in my opinion. You can be the judge of me, and my opinions. I remain anonymous because I don’t want people in the crypto space to not talk with me for fear I would write a negative post or give you a buy signal before their investors got in. Note that cryptocurrency trading is extremely risky, so trade with caution and only with the amount you can afford to lose.


"Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition until we have expressed them to someone else" - Mark Twain

Feb 28,2018

The Top 19 individuals who have the greatest net worth in the cryptocurrency scene

This week, global media giant Forbes published its list of the 19 individuals from the cryptocurrency scene who have the greatest net worth, and it makes for interesting reading.   In reverse order, they are…   19. Son Chi-Hyung 18. Tim Draper 17. Vitalik Buterin 16. Barry Silbert 15. Brad Garlinghouse 14. Charles Hoskison 13. […]

Feb 26,2018

Coin Review on cyrptowealthblog

I was contacted multiple time last week via the request button on the top of this website to review a coin and give a BUY or AVOID review and give an opinion of where I see the price going.  Let me explain how I come up with my opinions, I ask inner circle friends and […]

Feb 23,2018

Coinbase To Submit Data on 13,000 Users to the IRS

Coinbase announced that it must provide the data of 13,000 users to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a part of an investigation into tax evasion. According to, the IRS originally requested information on all Coinbase users, but the number was reduced by a court order in November 2017. The information that Coinbase is required […]

Feb 21,2018

Crypto Market Performance Chart

The chart is showing the gains from Feb 6th low.  

Feb 19,2018

Bitcoin back above $10,000

It didn’t take to long for it to rebound to what I think the trading range will be in 2018, between       10k and 30k.  The stock market moved in line with Bitcoin recently if you look at the charts. I think the next month Bitcoin will trade in a very narrow range from 10k to […]

Feb 15,2018

KaratBank KBC, is this a shiny ICO?

I will be reviewing this ICO in the next few weeks.   Pre-ICO starts Feb 15th. ICO starts March 15th. They will be attending Token Fest, San Francisco, March 15th & 16th, 2018.  

Feb 12,2018

Fidelium FID people are funding the ICO but I would AVOID

Overview: Fidelium offers the very first cross-exchange trading platform for cryptocurrency. Fidelium’s trading system, named “Fortress,” enables users to trade at multiple exchanges around the world at once, within a single trading platform. It seamlessly connects numerous exchanges and allows users to freely choose which exchange to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies.  

Feb 07,2018

Bitcoin may have reached an over sold position today at $6,100

If this is the bottom Bitcoin will have a sharp bounce off it and could jump a quick 20% The news is good and sell off seems over. This is a buying opportunity for anyone wanting Bitcoin and either short term trad it or put it away for long term.  

Feb 05,2018

The United States stepped up its efforts to crack down on initial coin offerings (ICOs) by freezing the assets of AriseCoin.

This represents the first time that the US government has seized the assets of an ICO it believes to be fraudulent. “This is the first time the commission has sought the appointment of a receiver in connection with an ICO fraud,” said Steve Peikin, co-head of SEC enforcement, in a statement. “We will use all […]

Jan 29,2018

Cryptocurrency stolen from Japan’s Coincheck

Half a billion dollars in cryptocurrency that was stolen from Tokyo-based virtual currency exchange Coincheck in a hacking attack last week was transferred to eight separate digital addresses, sources with knowledge of the matter said Tuesday. Of the ¥58 billion ($532 million) in NEM cryptocurrency that was taken, the bulk — ¥57.6 billion worth — […]

Jan 24,2018

Stack STK Tokens: Very interesting team behind this. A BUY!

  Overview: Stack is powering users to pay with cryptocurrency at any point-of-sale system through its smart digital wallet. The Toronto-based fintech company has partnered with STK Global Payments to support the exchange of STK tokens—a blockchain-based currency—through Stack’s mobile payment options. Stack said the move makes them the first fintech company to enable instant and contactless mobile cryptocurrency transactions. “We’re […]

Jan 22,2018

Ledger Nano S is my Hardware wallet of choice.

Ledger Nano S is a Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins hardware wallet, based on robust safety features for storing cryptographic assets and securing digital payments. It connects to any computer (USB) and embeds a secure OLED display to double-check and confirm each transaction with a single tap on its side buttons.