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I am Anonymous. I have been involved in the crypto space since the beginning. I will give you an unbiased professional opinion that cuts through all the bull and hype. I will review new and existing coins and tokens on this site, give you opinions on coins that are about to go up or down and how much as well as post articles you may have seen and give my opinion on what you should believe or not believe. I have given opinions that get some ICO people upset and please others. My opinion about any coin and its future of ICO is my opinion, you can choose to listen and follow it or not. I will review sites to buy and store coins on as well as hard wallets. I personal started using a Ledger Nano S in 2018 but there are lots of other good and bad choices out there I will review. There is a lot of money being made, some of it by investing in coins that will be around for years to come and have not even started to rise to their true value and others that are pump and dump coins that money can be made on, but you need to have an exit plan. Then there are those coins in my opinion that are just junk and you will never see your money back out of them, this makes up 70 percent of them in my opinion. You can be the judge of me, and my opinions. I remain anonymous because I don’t want people in the crypto space to not talk with me for fear I would write a negative post or give you a buy signal before their investors got in. Note that cryptocurrency trading is extremely risky, so trade with caution and only with the amount you can afford to lose.


"Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition until we have expressed them to someone else" - Mark Twain

May 10,2017

Ripple XRP $.175 today

In my May 2nd blog post Ripple XRP was at $.05 and I predicted it to hit $.25 within a 30 day period.  I hope you bought XRP when I posted the buy last week, if you didn’t, buy it now, it is a long and short term play.   It’s a BUY!  

May 09,2017

BOScoin… is it a buy?

No, I think it will be a bust! It has all the markings of a coin that will get investors to run it up on news and then it should come back to earth and wait to die a slow death. This is a coin in my opinion that will not be around in 5 […]

May 08,2017

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

This month, the Ethereum Foundation (EF) launched the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). This protocol is analogous to the separate Domain Name Service (DNS), which ties domain names to IP. addresses – making them more readable to human users. In an equivalent way, the ENS will tie long and unreadable smart contract or personal wallet addresses […]

May 05,2017

Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin will continue to rise, I think it was a buy at $1,600 so today is a little cheaper.  

May 04,2017

Crypto Glossary

Address – A secure identifier marked by a unique string of characters that enables payments to an individual or entity via blockchain transactions. It usually requires a private key to exclusively access the funds. For example, Bitcoin addresses are alphanumeric strings that begin with a 1 or 3; Ethereum addresses begin with ‘0x’. Altcoin – A cryptocurrency or a category […]

May 03,2017

What is an ICO?

An ICO is a concept of crowdfunding projects in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It’s an event, sometimes referred to as ‘crowdsale’, when a company releases its own cryptocurrency with a purpose of funding. It usually releases a certain number of crypto-tokens and then sells those tokens to its […]

May 02,2017

Understanding Ripple XRP

Ripple XRP is referred to as an altcoin but it is more than that, it’s a company with a better and faster funding platform then todays banks use.  Today Ripple’s XRP price is around $.05 What if I told you that I think XRP will move faster than Bitcoin in the next 30 days? News […]

May 01,2017

Buy Bitcoin

Below is a link that shows that Bitcoin value had a significant increase and hit an all time high. Today Bitcoin broke $1,400.00. Please listen to my opinion on the value. Everyone is telling you that Bitcoin is worthless, and you should not buy it and selling it now is the thing to do. DO […]